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  • Marcia P

    Dr. Ilyas did a lumbar fusion on my back in March 2022. I could not walk or stand without pain before surgery. I just went back for my four month checkup today and I’m pain free for the first time in two years!!! Thank you Dr.Ilyas for giving my life back to me!!!
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  • Carolyn W

    Dr. Ilyas is one of the best and most compassionate surgeons that I have ever encountered. My 88 yr. old father fell and broke his back, and upon taking him to the ER we found out he had Covid pneumonia. Back surgery is never easy and due to age and complications no one gave much hope and anyone tha...
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  • Dan D

    Dr. Ilyas is a life saver ! He literally helped me from crawling on my hands and knees, to walking normally again. Dr. Ilyas is very caring about his patients. He is upfront and concerning from the very start. I felt completely comfortable being under his care, even with something as delicate as s...
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  • Pauline K

    I found Dr. Ilyas to be very personable and caring. He wanted to really attend to my problems. He preform a laminectomy of my lower spine in November of 2021 for my severe sciatic issues. I am sciatic pain free and I can walk so much faster. I am very grateful to him and his staff. Thank you.
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  • Randdee C

    He is very professional and really listens to his patients concerns.
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  • Nicole M

    Dr. Ilyas has been a life saver for me. I have dealt with intense back pain and issues for many years. On December 9 Dr. Ilyas performed surgery to correct the issues. Instantly the nerve pain was gone. I just had my 8 week post op. appointment and everything has healed wonderful. Dr. Ilyas has a w...
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  • Jaye H

    Dr. Ilyas was very caring & compassionate. He listens to your concerns & is able to address them honestly & professionally. He sets high standards for himself & his staff. I am delighted with my results from my recent laminectomy by Dr. Illyas.
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  • Steven V W

    Dr Iliays is a fantastic surgeon. Great bedside manner explains everything. I would highly recommend Dr Iliays for any spine surgery. Wonderful Doctor !!!
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  • Bubba K

    Wow Seldom do you find a great surgeon with great bedside manor a Dr who actually lets you finish your thoughts before he rushes to the next patient
    Who understands he is only as good as the team he surrounds himself with well Dr Ilyas is all of this and more. My family and I couldn’t be ha...
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