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  • Monica Y

    I was referred to Dr. Ilyas for chronic back pain that I had been ignoring due to fear. Not only did he calm my fears but the injections in my hips worked like a charm! I had always thought I would need surgery but he showed me differently. Go see him. I trust him totally!!!
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  • Eva M

    Awesome Surgeon, and a wonderful staff! Fused two disks through neck. No show scar. Highly recommended.
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  • Helen Y

    Dr. Ilyas is a very skilled spine surgeon. He did my sister's surgery (Margie Hammonds) in November, and things went smoothly, and she is healing nicely. Dr. Ilyas is a wonderful, caring and thorough physician. He really listens to his patients. You would be in good hands with him as your surgeo...
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  • Dwain K

    Dr. ILYAS performed neck surgery for pinched nerves
    In October, Dr ILYAS always took the time to describe everything related to my surgery and what to expect before, during and after the surgery. I HIGHLY recommend Dr ILYAS !!!
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  • Bridgett N

    I can’t thank Dr. Ilyas enough for getting me back on my feet! He is one of the most personable doctors that I have ever met, and he worked tirelessly to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible throughout my entire ordeal. When surgery became the only option, he was able to schedule around...
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  • MariaHelena R

    Everyone is so professional and friendly. I was so pleased with Dr Ilyas skills and bed side manners. My surgery was two weeks ago, everything went well. I was worried because I have osteoporosis but I am recovering fast and feeling better everyday. Thank you for helping me get back to LIVING MY LI...
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  • alexbernal

    Dr. Ilyas is a remarkable physician. I have had back problems for a number of years and he was able to preform a procedure on a herniated disc. Since then, he has been openly receptive to questions before and after the procedure on what to expect. I heard other back surgery stories, but this was ...
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  • Tracey M

    Wow!!! Three months ago, Dr Ilyias took care of my Sciatica with a surgery that I never thought would be so trying and painful. He or his partner was there by my side sometimes multiple times a day during my three day stay in the hospital. He was caring and incredible with me. He shows me my X-rays ...
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  • Sandra C

    My experience was well orchestrated and informative. I really appreciate Dr. Illyas and his staff!
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  • Nita D

    Dr Ilyas has been an excellent surgeon. He has shown concern about my medical issues. He treats me with care and listens to any problems. My surgery took care of my leg pain and added quality to my life. I will continue with him as my doctor for any future spine or leg care.
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